Does your furniture
need some love?

With over 20 years experience staining, colouring and respraying furniture of all shapes and sizes,
we work with you to finish new furniture and freshen up aged furniture, bringing them to life.


With a door to door pickup and delivery service throughout Sydney and outer regions, we have state of the art spraying facilities in Mittagong NSW, giving you complete flexibility in colouring and matching colours. Traditional furniture that has lasted up to 100 years can be recoloured and refreshed to suit your needs. We also colour and match new furniture to your specifications.

Respraying & Painting Shutters

Spray painting plantation shutters comes with many benefits. It is a far superior method of painting compared to hand painting.

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Refinishing & Painting Furniture

Refinishing is a process much like restoration. We take the piece of furniture, prepare it and recoat it in the way you wish or in such a way as to protect its patina and vintage appeal.

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Kitchen Cabinets Spray Painting

When buying, or preparing to sell your house, or simply updating, rather than replacing the kitchen, rejuvenate the most important room in your house by re-spraying your kitchen cabinets and cupboards.

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Table Refinishing

Your table holds memories of your most precious family occasions and is the centrepiece of your home. Often handed down from older generations, this much-loved item can be refreshed rather than replaced.

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Sometimes paint isn't the best option - if your furniture has years of character, or unique grain worth saving, a stain may be a better option.

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Cabinets Painting

When buying, or preparing to sell your house, or simply updating, rejuvenate your rooms by re-spraying your kitchen, bathroom and other cabinets.

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Repainting is a bulletproof way to transform the look of your furniture and any room it occupies. Whether it's a vibrant colour, or something more subtle, repainting your furniture is one of the easiest ways to bring life back into your home.

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Spray Painting

Spray Painting your furniture is the simplest way to transform its look. Whether to match existing furniture around your house or to keep up with the latest trends, repainting is a fast and cost effective solution for most applications.

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