Redo Buffet

Located in the heart of the home, a buffet plays a central role in your space. Give your buffet the attention it is calling out for. Our revitalisation process will brighten and lift your home. After all, your buffet is a statement piece not just a storage piece!

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    Brighten Your Space

    We offer collection and delivery services. We will deliver your beloved buffet back to you within a week. Our refined processes ensure a hands-off experience for you, allowing you to focus on life’s other priorities while we are all hands on deck meticulously tending to your piece.

    Our team of dedicated artisans treat each buffet using time honoured, modern techniques that infuse a touch of artisanal charm into every one. Your buffet is in experienced hands, honed from over two decades of mastering the delicate balance between tradition and modern design nuances.

    From alluring mahogany to sleek metal, our team’s extensive knowledge ensures every material is treated correctly to make it truly shine. Trust us to but the finishing touches onto your buffet, no matter the material.

    Do you have an antique piece yearning for some TLC to turn back the clock? If you’re keen to keep your vintage or antique piece looking its finest, our team can restore or recreate your piece back to it's former glory.

    We want to make your Buffet enhancement process as seamless as possible. Therefore, we offer a door-to-door courier service, in which the restoration process happens off-site.

    Updating your buffet isn’t only about the piece itself; it’s about how it fits seamlessly into your home's style evolution. Whether you’re looking to achieve a contemporary facelift or infusing a touch of vintage charm, our tailored refurbishing services ensures you buffet complements and elevates your home's aesthetic. By refreshing your buffet, you are redefining your space.

    Your buffet is an investment and a little care goes a long way. Our diverse refurbishing services can not only restore its appearance but also enhance its longevity and value. Whether your piece is an heirloom to be passed down to the next generation or perhaps to be sold in the future, our expert touch ensures that your investment retains its worth for the years ahead.

    Your guests will be impressed even before dinner is served. A revamped buffet helps to set the tone for dining events by harmonising with other elements in your room to elevate the ambiance. Your buffet will be a conversation starter leaving guests in awe of your exquisite taste and attention to detail.

    A buffet is a testament to your personal taste. Before we embark on any project, we delve into understanding your exact vision. This involves comprehensive discussion and attentive listening on our part. By involving you at key points in the process, we ensure that your buffet embodies your creative essence.

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