Refurbish Bench

Let us breathe new life into your cherished bench, transforming it into a revitalised haven to rest and reminisce. With our restorative expertise, your favourite resting spot awaits its next chapter

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    Invest in Your Bench

    Our streamlined process will have your bench back to you as quickly as possible. With drop off and pick up services, convenience is at your fingertips.

    We recognise the untapped potential in your bench, just like you do! With something as simple as a fresh stain or a vibrant new shade, we can breathe new life into your cherished piece.

    Bench seats can have economic value, as they are bought and sold in the furniture market. Well-maintained and high-quality bench seats that have been refurbished may appreciate in value over time.

    Our refurbishing techniques ensure that your rejuvenated bench will elevate your space and deliver long-lasting results for years to come.

    Reviewing the functional features of your bench is part of the refurbishment process. To us, function and form go hand in hand. Elevate your patio, back garden or special place your bench resides.

    Refinishing your bench is a more economical option than purchasing a new bench, making it a budget-friendly way to update your outdoor or indoor seating.

    Your bench, whether it be a treasured antique or a sentimental seat requires the utmost care. With over two decades of experience, our artisans specialising in revitalising and preserving your cherished bench, ensuring they will stand the test of time.

    If your bench is in need of staining, varnishing or painting, our toolkit of expertise is brimming ready to assist you with your next bench refurb.

    Our refurbishment process focuses on the bench itself and the surrounding environment. This ensures that the new bench works perfectly in its place in your home but also stands alone as an individual piece.

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