Rejuvenate Table

Our table rejuvenation services are all about delivering quality that shines through in every detail. We not only restore your table's beauty but also ensure a flawless finish that captivates

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    Rejuvenate Table: Rediscover Its Beauty

    Rejuvenation can take your table from a worn or dated appearance to a stunning focal point in your space. It's the ideal way to restore the table's original charm or update it to match current design trends.

    Table rejuvenation allows for unique, one of a kind designs that a specific and unique to you!

    We use modern materials and finishes that are resistant to common wear and tear. This means less time and effort spent on maintenance and cleaning!

    At Furniture Finishing, we understand the sentimental value your table holds and will take special care to protect and, when appropriate, highlight these cherished imperfections.

    We offer a door-to-door pick-up and drop-off service that ensures all of the work is done off-site, with the least amount of inconvenience to you.

    We ensure that the finishes and materials that we use are the highest quality, allowing for a smooth, long-lasting finish.

    We first clean and inspect the table to get a better understanding of what needs to be done before we begin.

    Our rejuvenation services are all about showcasing the wood's exceptional features. We celebrate the unique grain patterns, textures, and colours that make each table special.

    Rejuvenating your table is a cost-effective way to change up your style without the hassle and cost of buying new.

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