Renovate Bench

Celebrate the Transformation: Renovating Your Bench. Each renovated bench is transformed into a one-of-a-kind creation made from your vision. Trust in our experienced team to rejuvenate your bench with care and revive its spirit. Your bench will remain a living representation to the memories it has witnessed and the potential of many more to come.

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    Bring Your Bench Back From The Brink

    Keeping your antique or sentimental bench in perfect condition requires dedication and attention. Our experts have over two decades of experience in bringing much-loved benches back to life.

    Your home is unique to you so it’s important that you fill it with pieces that reflect your curated style. Renovating your outdoor bench using one of our specialised services such as staining or painting will deliver a uniquely handcrafted piece that only you will have.

    With our streamlined processes from pick up to delivery at your door within a week we take the hassle and stress out of revitalising your bench. Our quick turn around and proven approach will be the convenience you’ve been searching for.

    Your bench is a piece that has likely weathered many storms so ensuring that it receives an expert touch is imperative. Over two decades, our team of craftsmen have perfected finishing techniques that withstand the conditions of daily life. Using only the finest quality finishes always delivers long-lasting results.

    Renovating your bench is a conscious decision to extend the life of your prized piece. There is no need to discard your bench, leave it to us to breathe life back into it. Together, we can do our bit to reduce consumption.

    It can be challenging to know where to start with your next project. Know that there is potential that lies in your old bench, just waiting to be revealed. We will help you to uncover the beauty within your bench and bring it to the surface with our expert touch.

    We recognise that benches come in different shapes, sizes, finishes and materials. Our restoration techniques are adaptable, which are designed to cater to the unique needs of each project. From wood, to metal and everything in between we ensure that each material is treated in a manner that delivers a cohesive and premium finish, every time.

    Using only the finest-quality materials and time-techniques your bench is primed to withstand daily use while keeping its brand new look.

    Renovating your bench is the perfect way to match a new aesthetic. The look you’ve been hoping to achieve is now easier to achieve.

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