Respraying & Painting Shutters

Transform the look of any room quickly and easily by repainting your shutters. Spray painting shutters leaves them with a smooth and durable finish.

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    Painting Shutters

    We come to you and remove your shutters, take them back to our warehouse to have them refinished and reinstall them after they have been finished.

    Paint window shutters with a long-lasting finish, proven to stand the test of time. After years of use, they’ll continue to protect them. Spray painting plantation shutters comes with many benefits. It is a far superior method of painting compared to hand painting, leaving you with no streaks and the perfect finish.

    Transform the look of any room quickly and easily by repainting your shutters. Paint your cedar shutters to any colour you like, colour match to your new walls or update to the latest décor trends. Go for a brighter tone to add contrast and energy to your home, or something more neutral to draw attention to other features in the room.

    Respraying plantation shutters is a much more cost-effective process than custom making them new. Enquire now for shutter painting prices.

    Paint wooden shutters to keep the quality while changing the colour. Our micro thin, yet durable paint will cover all surface area while maintaining the smooth and efficient operation of shutter mechanisms with no resistance

    No matter the design be it wooden shutters, vinyl shutters, roller shutters, plantation shutters, venison shutters we can paint them all.

    Our team are very experienced at spray painting shutters, we spray paint over 100 shutters per month.

    Spray painting shutters is a great way to make them last longer. We use a very durable polyurethane lacquer.

    Respraying plantation shutters is by far the most time effective choice. Our facilities, include a state of the art spray booth and drying room, enabling you to get your painted shutters back faster

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