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Are you seeking to breathe new life into your aging or worn-out table? At Furniture Finishing we deeply appreciate the sentimental and functional significance that tables hold in our lives. Whether it's an heirloom with sentimental value or a piece that has witnessed years of use, our table revamping services are dedicated to refurnishing its former glory.

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    Rediscovering the Beauty of Your Tables

    Over time, furniture can lose its lustre due to wear and tear. Our painting and refinishing services are designed to revive the old glory, making your tables look as good as new.

    On request, our craftsmen carefully strip away old finishes and layers, revealing the table's natural essence. Sanding follows, smoothing out imperfections and preparing the surface for refinishing

    Beyond aesthetics, we prioritise the durability and longevity of your table. The refinishing aspect of table refinishing involves expertly repairing surface imperfections, such as scratches and dents, and applying protective coatings. This ensures that your table not only looks splendid but also withstands the test of time

    Refinishing allows you to perfectly match your table with your current decor, creating a cohesive and harmonious look in your living space.

    If you have an older table with a classic design, refinishing can give it a modern twist, making it relevant to contemporary design trends.

    Our team are skilled in a variety of painting methods, including modern spray-painting techniques. This versatility enables us to achieve the desired finish on every table.

    Refinishing your table is an eco-friendly choice that reduces waste by preventing the disposal of the old table and minimises the need for new furniture production.

    Outdoor tables face the elements, which can take a toll on their appearance. Our services extend to outdoor tables, offering weather-resistant painting and refinishing solutions. This ensures that these tables can withstand the elements while maintaining their aesthetic appeal.

    Modern Transformation is all about embracing change and infusing a contemporary spirit into your living space. Painting and refinishing are essential tools in this journey, offering you the opportunity to refresh your home's look without breaking the bank. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve the transformation you desire.

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