Spraying Furniture

Spraying furniture is a professional technique that offers precise and even application of finishes, transforming your pieces into stunning, seamless works of art. Your home can be transformed by the furniture inside of it, and we are here to help you achieve that

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    Transform Your Furniture

    Achieve a smooth and flawless finish with our consistent coverage, ensuring a professional and transformed look for your furniture.

    Spraying is a faster method compared to traditional hand painting, saving time and reducing project timelines. We offer door-to-door courier and a quick turnaround time, ensuring your furniture is back with you as soon as possible.

    Spraying is an ideal time for touch-ups and minor repairs, seamlessly blending the new finish. Upon request, we can address any minor concerns you may have about your furniture.

    We can adjust the spraying technique for different textures, from matte and satin to gloss or high-gloss finish.

    Sprayed finishes often provide better durability and longevity compared to traditional methods and our professional finish is the strongest and toughest on the market.

    Spraying your furniture can give it a whole new look! If you are looking to change up your style, consider spraying one of your favourite pieces.

    If you are wanting a lighter look, or just want to enhance the unique grain of the wood on your furniture, we can strip it back to it's raw finish and spray with a clear coat to keep the natural look as much as we can.

    Spraying your furniture not only saves you the time of buying new, but saves you the money as well! It is a budget friendly option to buying a completely new set of furniture.

    At Furniture Finishing, we are experts in our field. Our skilled craftsmen have over 25 years experience in the refinishing profession and will deliver a smooth and clean finish on your furniture.

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