Stripping Table

Experience the art of table stripping with our professional services. We remove the old to reveal the beauty beneath. Renew the charm of your table, giving it a fresh, vibrant look!

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    Strip the Old, Reveal the New

    Stripping your table brings it back to life. Once stripped down, the natural raw wood can shine through!

    Stripping your table can be a very easy option to freshening up your current living or dining room. As it is a very prominent piece of furniture, it can lighten up or darken a space.

    Whether your style is Hamptons, beachy or you are just simply wanting to mordernise your current look, stripping a table has so many possibilities to enhance a home's aesthetics.

    Stripping a table back to it's raw finish and then refinishing the top with high-quality lacquer increases the longevity of the table.

    As a table is one of the most-used items in a household, it can cop some wear and tear. The finish we use aids in protection against spills, scratches, and fading.

    Our team of technicians are in possession of over 20 years experience in the furniture business and will ensure that your table receives the best care possible.

    Some pieces of furniture have distinctive grains, veneers, burls, and other treatments. Rather than covering them with a topcoat, we can restore their depth and beauty.

    We start by cleaning and inspecting the cabinets to get a better idea of what needs to be done.

    We offer a door-to-door courier service. All the work is done off-site with the least amount of hassle to you.

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