Table Refinishing

Your table holds memories of your most precious family occasions and is the centrepiece of your home. Often handed down from older generations, this much-loved item can be refreshed rather than replaced.

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Refinishing is a popular way to preserve tradition, or transform your table.

It is far less expensive for you to refinish your table than to purchase a new one.

Your indoor and outdoor timber, cane, metal, loom or plastic tables can be refreshed or transformed.

Staining your new, and spray painting your old or new table, can transform or preserve your table.

Refresh the existing colour of your table, or entirely change it to another colour.

Your table, more than any other item of furniture, needs to have a tough and durable surface that is achieved with our polyurethane lacquer.

You are able to refresh, but still preserve the character of valued tables.

Your table can be colour-matched with your dresser, sideboard, entertainment unit or coffee table.

Change your table and chairs to complement the latest fashions or recent home renovations.

For artistic or decorating effect you can have various items spray painted in different and exciting colours.

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