Upcycle Tallboy

Transform Your Tallboy into a Masterpiece: Whether you want to revive a vintage treasure, match your tallboy to your current decor, or make an eco-conscious statement, our upcycling process ensures that your tallboy becomes a striking focal point in your living space

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    Discover the Art of Upcycling

    If your tallboy has sentimental value or unique characteristics, upcycling allows you to maintain these features while enhancing its appearance and functionality.

    We understand that your Tallboy possesses a unique character. Thus, we engage in a dialogue, seeking your insights and aspirations.

    Upcycling is more cost-effective than purchasing a new tallboy. It can save you money on furniture expenses while allowing you to create a unique, custom piece.

    Upcycling reduces waste and promotes sustainability by giving new life to an existing piece of furniture rather than discarding it. This minimises the environmental impact associated with manufacturing and disposing of furniture.

    Our unique finish ensures the longevity of your tallboy, protecting it against daily wear-and-tear.

    Upcycling fosters creativity and self-expression. It's a chance to unleash your artistic skills and design a one-of-a-kind furniture piece that reflects your personality. We are here to help you do that!

    Upcycled tallboys often have a unique and stylish look, making them a conversation piece and a focal point in your home. They can stand out as a statement of your creativity.

    We see our clients as partners in the creative process. Your input matters, and we welcome your feedback every step of the way. If you have specific ideas or requests, don't hesitate to share them. Our collaborative approach ensures that the final result is a Tallboy that exceeds your expectations.

    Our off-site, pick-up and delivery service ensures that all of the work is done in our warehouse. This will free you up from the hustle and bustle of tools and materials in your home.

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