Varnish Table

Its versatility and enduring appeal make it an investment that you'll cherish for years to come. Discover the lasting beauty and durability of a newly varnished table, where form and function unite

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    Seal Life's Special Moments with a Lick of Varnish

    The application of high quality vanish will reveal the timeless elegance of your treasured table. Each grain is carefully coated leaving a lustrous sheen which can be admired from all angles of your room.

    Beyond a shine that captivates, our premium varnish offers a layer of protection against daily use, spills and scratches. The finish will ensure your table is in optimum condition for years to come.

    From muted matte to illuminating high-gloss, the choice of finish is yours. Selecting a finish that is in perfect alignment with your vision is made easy with our expert recommendations.

    We know your time is important, and so is your table. Varnishing is a fast way to achieve a new-look for your table without massive wait times.

    Unsure about the right finish for your table? Our seasoned experts are here to guide you through each step.

    With our collection and delivery service, we handle all the heaving lifting so you don’t have to.

    Your table, the pulse of your dining space, merits expert care and craftsmanship. With the right treatment, you will witness a complete transformation revealing the unique beauty of your table's wood grain. Are you ready to embrace a new era of dining elegance?

    Every table is unique with its own individual grain, patterns and nuances. Our dedicated team approach each table in an individual way, analysing its character and ensuring the application of varnish accentuates its natural beauty.

    Giving your table a new lease on life not only reinvigorates its look it also is a marker of sustainability. Choosing to renew over buying new is a decision that is beautiful for your home and the planet.

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