Terms of Service



All prices listed are in Australian dollars and inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Payment Policy:

The Furniture Finishing Company accepts payments through credit card and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). EFT payments require remittance advice to be provided by the customer. Customer credit card information is securely stored with our payment gateway provider, Stripe. All payments made by the customer are non-refundable. In the case of courier service, a 50% deposit is required prior to collection of goods, with the remaining balance due before the day of return delivery. If the deposit is not made before collection, it is assumed that the customer has accepted the terms of the quoted price. In the event of non-payment on the scheduled delivery day, The Furniture Finishing Company reserves the right to process the balance owed through the stored credit card or delay delivery and charge a weekly storage fee. A similar policy applies for customers who transport goods to and from the warehouse, with a 50% deposit required prior to delivery and full payment due before collection.

Cancellation Policy:

In the event of job cancellation after work has commenced, a fee of 30% of the total job cost, in addition to the cost of completed work, will be charged to the customer.

Collection and Delivery Policy:

A text message will be sent to the customer the day before collection with an estimated time of arrival. The customer understands that this time is an estimate and should be prepared for earlier or later arrival. Services are typically completed within 1-2 weeks from collection. Delivery of goods will be 1-2 weeks from collection, as determined by The Furniture Finishing Company. The customer will be informed of the delivery date via email and requested to make final payment. A text message will then be sent the day before delivery with an estimated time of arrival. The delivery truck has one person on board, with additional support available at an extra cost as outlined in the quote. In the case of inability to access the building or a need for a second person, additional fees may apply. In the event of non-delivery on the scheduled date, a weekly storage fee will be charged until delivery is completed. The Furniture Finishing Company takes all care to avoid damage during delivery, but takes no responsibility for any damage that may occur.

Service Policy:

The service provided by The Furniture Finishing Company is based on the work outlined in the quote or invoice at the request of the customer. The customer accepts the quote and all work being performed on their furniture as described in the quote. If the customer believes something is missing or incorrect, they should contact The Furniture Finishing Company to update the quote before accepting it.

Upon examination of the customer’s goods, additional work may be required to achieve the desired finish. The Furniture Finishing Company will inform the customer of any additional work and costs involved and discuss how to proceed. This may include but is not limited to chipping and flaking paint, peeling or damaged veneer, excess moisture, exposed raw wood, non-removable handles, bleeding through of the timber, silicone in existing finishes, and veneer furniture when wood was specified.

The customer acknowledges that paint does not fill imperfections and scratches, and if they desire this work to be performed, they should request a quote for repair work from The Furniture Finishing Company. Holes and defects in the goods will not be filled unless specifically requested and stated in the quote or invoice description.

If the customer chooses to leave it to The Furniture Finishing Company staff to choose a color close to the existing color, they cannot guarantee an exact match. If a specific color is desired, the customer should inform The Furniture Finishing Company of the brand and name of the color. Any Dulux color (excluding their specialty range) and any sheen can be chosen by the customer, with an additional $100 matching fee for colors outside of Dulux. Exact color matching cannot be guaranteed. If a sheen is not defined in the accepted quote, Satin (30% gloss) will be applied.

The customer understands that the insides of any furniture may be painted at the discretion of The Furniture Finishing Company, unless stated otherwise in the quote. The customer also understands that when an item is requested to be refinished “as is,” it will be refinished similarly but cannot be exactly the same. The unseen sections of the furniture, including but not limited to the undersides, are not painted. When re-staining only part of the goods or matching a stain on another item, identical stain matching is not possible. Any stain samples provided will be used as a reference point to blend a similar stain.