Modernise Table

If you’re thinking of updating the look of your living space, modernising your table could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Your table is more than a functional surface, it is a symbol of connection, celebration and daily life. With the right treatment, we can revitalise the hearth of your home. Discover our full range of transformative services today.

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    Breath New Life into Your Table

    Our commitment to quality runs deep- it’s in our DNA. By employing premium tools and products, together with out time-tested techniques, we ensure every corner of your table is cared for. We don’t believe in shortcuts. Every project, big or small, received our full focus. Before returning to you, each table undergoes a rigorous inspection because our ultimate goal is to deliver you a table you’ll love.

    With over two decades of experience in rejuvenating tables, your treasured piece is in expert hands. Our team of restoration specialists will skilfully sand, stain or stain new life into your table. Their passion is visible in every grain, culminating in a finish that is the epitome of perfection.

    As your style and tastes change, so can your furniture. Envision turning that shabby chic table into a sleek, cosmopolitan centrepiece. With your vision and our expertise, even the most dramatic transformations are possible. Instead of discarding and starting anew, we see your table as a blank canvas, ready for reinvention! We can help you to achieve your dream look sustainably.

    We understand that every moment matters, just like the cherished times you’ve spent around your table. That’s why we’ve streamlined our process to ensure your table is generally returned within a week. From our pick-up to delivery service, we eliminate your wait. We’re committed to ensuring that you’re back to making memories in no time.

    Your table is crafted to stand the test of time. Using our proven methods and unparalleled expertise, we not only restore the overall look and functionality of your table, we also fortify it for many more years of cherished moments to come.

    Every table has a story to tell, whether through rich wood grain, sleek metallic sheen or the rustic charm of cane. Our expertise spans a vast range of materials, but our objective remains resolute: to transform and elevate each table that we receive. Rest assured that whatever material your table has been crafted from, we’ve got you covered.

    There is no need to choose between the style and utility of your table. We understand the significance of both aspects. Our masterful artisans don’t just update the look of your table; they also ensure its functionality is at its optimum. From scratched surfaces to changing its shape, we address every aspect without compromising the individual style of your piece.

    With your vision and our expertise, the perfect partnership is formed. We prioritise understanding your individual needs, ensuring that your table transformation aligns with your unique style. Through a concise and collaborative consultation, our expert team provides solutions that connect with you. Call us to organise a personalised consultation to unlock the potential of your table.

    Your heirloom tables are more to you than just a functional piece of furniture - they’re storied treasure passed through generations. Our artisans approach each heirloom with the respect and care it deserves, preserving their history whilst preparing them for future memories. Trust in our expert touch to honour your table’s past, present and future.

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