Spray Painting

Spray Painting your furniture is the simplest way to transform its look. Whether to match existing furniture around your house or to keep up with the latest trends, repainting is a fast and cost effective solution for most applications.

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Spray Painting

Our facilities, including a state of the art spray booth and drying room, enable you to get your furniture back faster after paint.

Repainting your furniture, cabinets or other fixtures is a fantastic alternative to replacing them with new versions, it is both cost effective and generates far less waste.

Transform the look of your furniture quickly and easily with a repaint, colour match your new decor or update with the latest trends - the possibilities are endless with this simple solution.

Go for a brighter tone to add contrast and energy to your home, or something more neutral to draw attention to other pieces in the room - the choice is yours.

No matter the material, The Furniture Finishing Company can come up with the right solution for your application. Whether indoors or out, we will bring your furniture back to life.

We have more options than you may think. If your piece has character worth saving or a unique grain too good to cover up, contact us to discuss clear solutions to preserve and highlight the unique qualities of your furniture.

All of our finishes drastically improve the life of your furniture and will stand up to wear and tear for years to come.

No matter the state of your furniture, respraying is a sure-fire way of removing blemishes and defects, as well as watermarks and stains.

Contact us to find out about more options for your furniture and to get a quote.

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