Redo Bench

Revitalise Your Bench to Its Former Glory. Our services include sanding down the wood to smooth imperfections, applying a protective sealant for longevity, and a choice of high-quality stains and finishes. Transform your space with our dedicated attention to detail and commitment to quality

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    Elevate Your Space with Our Redo Bench Services

    From the very beginning of your bench project to its completion, every step is subjected to rigorous inspection and quality control measures. We leave no detail unchecked.

    Our team comprises highly skilled artisans who take immense pride in their work. They bring a level of craftsmanship that ensures every aspect of your bench meets our exacting standards.

    Whether you are looking to redo your beloved garden bench, or revamp your kitchen bench, we can refinishes benches of most materials, indoor and outdoor.

    If you are unsure whether you want to redo your old garden bench, rest assured that we take the utmost care with antique pieces and will work to preserve the uniqueness of it's character if so asked.

    Update the look of your bench with sleek and minimalist finishes. Whether it's a matte black metal frame, a glossy lacquer, or a trendy distressed wood look, we have the expertise to deliver a finish that suits your contemporary taste.

    We want to take the hassle out of furniture refinishing. That is why we offer a door-to-door courier service and do all of the work off-site.

    Whether you are looking for that high-gloss sheen or a more muted satin or matte finish, we will help guide you in the right direction for your bench's finish.

    We believe in creating finishes that not only last but are also easy to maintain. Cleaning and preserving your bench's finish is hassle-free, allowing you to enjoy its beauty with minimal effort.

    Refinishing your bench is an easy way to express your personal style. Whether you are looking to update your current look, or change up your style completely - the look of your bench can transform an entire space!

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