Refresh Furniture

Refresh your living space with our furniture refreshing services, designed to give your beloved pieces a renewed lease on life. Whether it's a worn-out sofa, a tired coffee table, or a faded dresser, we specialise in breathing new vitality into your furniture

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    A Renewed Look for Your Space

    It's not just about restoration; it's about injecting something new into your decor. With customisation options, you have the freedom to choose colours, finishes, and styles that align with your evolving taste.

    Our technicians are in possession of over 25 years experience in the furniture finishing industry and are committed to refreshing your furniture, your way.

    We offer a door-to-door courier service that ensures the refinishing process is done entirely off-site. With a fast turnaround time, we will have your furniture back, refreshed, in no time!

    The finish we use is durable and long-lasting, giving your furniture solid protection, and a new lease on life.

    Instead of putting your old and cherished pieces in landfill, giving them a simple refresh can upcycle them to last for many more years to come!

    Refreshing your furniture is a much more cost effective way to keep your furniture going, instead of buying completely new pieces.

    The finish we use at Furniture Finishing is durable, weather-resistant and can protect against daily wear and tear.

    If your furniture is much-loved but suffering from a long life, we can help smooth out any lumps and bumps your furniture may have accrued over the course of it's life.

    If you like your furniture piece but are thinking it is time to modernise the look, consider staining your piece another shade. This maintains the unique grain of the wood but refreshes your piece into something new.

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    Other Services

    Have a look over our available services below. You can also view some of our case studies or contact us to discuss what we can do for your furniture today.

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