Refurbish Bed

Your bed is the centrepiece of your bedroom and a place for rest and relaxation. Over time, it might lose its charm due to wear and tear. Our refurbishment services offer a fresh start, breathing new life into your beloved bed

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    New Bed, Your way

    We begin by inspecting your bed's condition and understanding your preferences and making sure the refurbishment reflects your ideal bed.

    Our services include both collection and delivery. Within a week, we will return your bed to you. Our well-honed procedures guarantee a hands-off experience for you, freeing you to attend to other important aspects of life as we work on your bed.

    Opting to refurbish your bed is a much more budget-friendly option than searching for and buying a new one.

    The bed is the focal point of every bedroom and its appearance makes a big difference. Choose between a wide variety of colours, sheens and styles to update and modernise your bedroom.

    Furniture Finishing is dedicated to making sure that our product is as durable and long-lasting as we can. Our finish serves as a shield against any dents, scrapes, and other types of wear and tear your bed may incur.

    We collaborate with you to ensure that the bed is exactly how you envisioned and perfectly reflects your personal style and taste.

    Trust your bed with our highly-skilled team. With over 20 years of industry experience, you can be confident that your bed is in good hands.

    With our high-quality finish, your bed will coming out looking like a completely new piece!

    Our refurbishment services not only breathe new life into your furniture but also allow you to adapt them to evolving design trends and changing decor in your living space.

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