Refurbish Chest

Our chest refurbishing service is all about reviving the essence of your beloved furniture piece without the fuss. Refurbishing a chest isn't just about making it look better; it's about making it last longer and remain functional. We respect the sentimental value your chest holds while renewing its beauty and purpose

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    Chest Refurbishing: Renewing Beauty and Functionality

    Choose from our vast array of high-quality finishes including painting, staining, distressing and finished in matte, gloss or satin.

    Transform your chest into something completely new designed by you!

    We offer door-to-door pickup and delivery, ensuring that the refinishing process is as seamless and fuss-free as possible.

    Refurbishing your chest is a highly cost effective option to create a unique piece instead of replacing the entire chest, saving you money.

    While refurbishing your chest, we ensure that the piece maintains it's unique sentimental value. We only change what you want to change.

    Our highly durable and long-lasting finish will ensure that your chest stands the test of time.

    Our refurbishing service offers a seamless way to update your decor, making it more in line with contemporary design trends.

    Refurbishing chest is an opportunity to breathe new life into your living space and create a look that's both classic and current.

    In a room such as your bedroom and living room, chests have a large enough surface area to completely change the look and feel of the space. We will tailor your chest to suit the look of your room.

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