Refurbish Table

Refurbishing your table is not just about restoration; it's about revitalising your dining experience. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail ensure that your refurbished table becomes more than just a functional piece

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    Elevate Your Dining Experience

    We begin the refurbishing process by carefully assessing your table's condition, addressing any hidden issues that may need attention. The we carefully clean and prepare it to ensure the finish goes on properly.

    Thanks to our meticulous refinishing process, your table receives a new lease on life which also prevents against further damage to the table.

    We aim to make the refinishing process as hassle-free for you as we can. we have a door-to-door courier service where we take the table to be refinished off-site.

    Refurbishing your table is a more eco-friendly choice than choosing to buy new as it reduces the environmental impact associated with the production and disposal of furniture.

    Are refurbishment process allows for you to be create and express your ideas. We want to replicate what you envision for your table, so just let us know how you want it done!

    Our high-quality finish is durable and smooth, allowing for cleaning to be a quick and easy process.

    We understand that furniture can hold sentimental value. Choosing to refurbish means that these treasured pieces will have a new lease on life, giving you much more use out of them for the years to come.

    Our furniture technicians have over 20 years of industry experience and are meticulous with detail. Your table is in good hands.

    If you feel that your table may be past refurbishment, think again. We offer a stripping service that takes the table back to it's raw wood finish and reveal the wood's natural beauty.

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