Revamp Chair

Elevate your Chair's Aesthetics and Comfort with Our Expert Revamp Services. At Furniture Finishing, we understand the sentimental value that your chair holds. Whether it's a family heirloom or a cherished piece of furniture, we specialise in revamping chairs to their former glory.

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    Renew you Chair's Vitality

    Revamped chairs can adapt to different settings and roles within your home. Whether it's a dining chair, an accent piece, or a desk chair, our refinishing process allows your chair to serve various functions in your home.

    Well-maintained and revamped chairs tend to retain their value. If you ever decide to sell or pass down your chair, it may command a higher resale price.

    The choice of finish is crucial in defining the chair's character. Whether you prefer a classic look or something more contemporary, we offer a variety of finishes to match your vision.

    Each chair is unique, and so is your vision. Our experts collaborate with you to create a customised design plan that aligns with your style preferences and complements your existing decor.

    If your chair has sentimental value, such as being an heirloom or a cherished piece, revamping allows you to maintain that emotional connection while enhancing its appearance and functionality.

    Our high-quality finishes ensure that your chairs will be protected against daily wear-and-tear, ensuring longevity of the chairs.

    Our refinishing doesn't just cover; it enhances. It accentuates the chair's design, highlighting its unique features and transforming it into a piece that seamlessly integrates with your space's aesthetics.

    Our skilled team work with top quality ingredients and products that ensure your chair is refinished to the highest standard.

    We offer a completely off-site refinishing service that ensures the process is done with the least amount of inconvenience to you.

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