Refinishing & Painting Furniture

Refinishing is a process much like restoration. We take the piece of furniture, prepare it and recoat it in the way you wish or in such a way as to protect its patina and vintage appeal.

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    The most economical way to transform your furniture

    It is more economical for you to refinish, rather than buy new furniture, to give yourself additional years of enjoyment.

    You can modernise dated furniture by painting, spray painting and refreshing pre-loved items by changing the colour or stain on furniture.

    You can remove defects like scratches, water and alcohol marks.

    Your newer items can be distressed for a popular or a country-look.

    Restore your tabletop or repaint your entire table for a new look.

    Unique grains can be highlighted on your items by applying our specialised finish.

    You are able to preserve and protect outdoor furniture by oiling or re-oiling them.

    Newly formulated polyurethane products will give you a superior, more durable finish.

    Re-coating or changing the colour of your worn and used cabinets refreshes and updates your kitchen or bathroom.

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    Other Services

    Have a look over our available services below. You can also view some of our case studies or contact us to discuss what we can do for your furniture today.

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