Staining Table

Staining a table is a process that goes beyond mere restoration; it's about revealing the table's natural beauty and enhancing its character. Our staining services offer a journey of transformation, allowing you to rediscover the potential of your beloved piece of furniture

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    Unveil Natural Beauty

    Our Industry Experts are in possession of over 20 years industry experience, ensuring that your table is in the best hands.

    Choose from a wide variety of coloured stains and finishes, including gloss, matte and satin.

    Staining your table is a budget-friendly, high-value option and takes all the stress out of purchasing new.

    Because of the thorough refinishing process, your table gets a new lease on life, ensuring that it is prevented against daily wear and tear.

    Staining your Table lighter or Darker can completely change its look. Choose the colour of your stain to match with your new of current aesthetic.

    Since we recognise the importance of a well-used table, we place high importance on table resurfacing. We offer a door-to-door courier so that the table is refinished offsite and out of your way.

    If you are unsure about what direction to go in with staining, have a chat to out staff who will assist you in making a choice that will suit your home.

    Tables are one of the most used pieces of furniture in a household. Because of the smooth, easily-cleanable finish of our furniture, your table will be easy to clean and maintain.

    Each tree is unique which makes each table unique. We can highlight the unique grains and character of the timber in your table.

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