Sometimes paint isn't the best option - if your furniture has years of character, or unique grain worth saving, a stain may be the better solution.

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Furniture Staining

Stains are most suitable for preserving and showcasing grain and character in wooden furniture. They have the potential to transform the look of your piece without losing the patina.

If your furniture is an older piece with a raw timber exterior, staining may be the best way to restore the original finish.

Lighter stains let more patina show through, while darker stains can modernise and even completely change the look and feel of your furniture and the room it occupies.

Stains frequently have a more natural appearance, which for some applications is a more desirable option.

Modern stains have been reformulated to be longer-lasting than traditional finishes.

Stains have to be reapplied far less often than paint, even in high wear situations. This, combined with the process of application, makes staining a very cost effective solution for your furniture in both the long and short term.

We have more options than you may think. If your piece has character worth saving or a unique grain to protect, staining your furniture is an excellent way to transform its look without losing its appeal.

It is far less expensive for you to stain your furniture than to replace it with a new item.

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