Refurbish Furniture

Embark on a transformative journey with Furniture Finishing as we bring new life to your beloved furniture through our expert refurbishing services

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    Redefine Your Living Space

    Select from a diverse array of finishes, ranging in sheen, texture, and colour to harmonise with your home decor.

    Our meticulous refurbishing process includes a protective layer of strong lacquer, enhancing your furniture's durability against daily wear, scratches, and stains.

    Refurbishing is a good way to maintain your pieces original charm, but also giving a new lease on life. Restore and preserve the unique character of your furniture whilstRe showcasing its individual charm.

    Breathe new life into vintage or antique pieces, blending historical significance with contemporary allure.

    Our furniture technicians have over 25 years of industry experience and are well-equipped to take the greatest care of your furniture pieces.

    Our streamlined refurbishing process happens off-site in our warehouse, ensuring you swiftly enjoy your refreshed furniture.

    Upon request, we can address minor damages seamlessly during refurbishing, maintaining the overall integrity of your cherished pieces.

    Explore various styles, from traditional to contemporary, ensuring your refurbished furniture seamlessly fits into your design theme.

    Consistent finishing across your living space harmonises diverse furniture pieces, creating a unified and cohesive design.

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    Other Services

    Have a look over our available services below. You can also view some of our case studies or contact us to discuss what we can do for your furniture today.

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